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Impacted Rural Voices from the North Fork Valley provide input on Colorado oil and gas commission 2020 “mission” rule-making.

Do you have a message for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission? Film yourself making your 1 – 2 minute comment about the COGCC rule-making now underway, and we will keep publishing them here and sharing them on social media.

Hold up a sign that says #DearCOGCC and email your clip to DearCOGCC@NorthForkValley.org – along with your contact information including a ZIP code. We will include your first name and a county or city in the clips we publish or share.

What people are saying to the COGCC

“The COGCC must enact rules that keep oil and gas out of neighborhoods and vital wildlife habitat. The COGCC’s draft rules don’t currently do that. We need real setbacks between oil and gas operation and homes, schools, businesses, surface water resources, and wildlife habitat to make sure that the COGCC is enacting the mandate of SB181 and protecting public health, safety, and welfare, the environment, and wildlife resources.”

“Oil and gas development exacerbates our climate disaster by using up already limited water resources, contributing to the ongoing aridification of the Western US, and contaminates what little water we have left.”

“I farm in Delta County and climate change and water are both important to me – with climate change we’ll have less of it, and fracking can pollute it with spills and mishaps and all the waste. I want COGCC to set strong state-wide rules that ensure all Colorado’s health and safety are protected to the same level.” 

“Everyone in Colorado deserves the same base protections, regardless of where they live, or whether their local government officials prefer to protect the profits of the oil and gas industry over the health and safety of their residents. The COGCC’s rules need to be the baseline rules in every corner of the state.” 

“The COGCC has been actively avoiding addressing climate impacts when reviewing applications to drill more oil and gas wells. Western Colorado is already a global hotspot for climate. Every single well drilled in Colorado pushes us further and further away from our state emission reduction goals, and puts us at a greater risk of a climate catastrophe.”

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