Happy Hour w/a Purpose ~ Remedy Café Hosts 1st “Conservation & Conversation” Confab

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Many thanks to Remedy Café for donating the space and delicious tapas, with bread from Mountain Poppy Food and Paonia Bread Works, for our first in a series of informal and informative “Happy Hour with a Purpose” gatherings.

Our goal with the series is to share updates from local, state, and national campaigns that impact the North Fork, and help people connect with organization working to keep it what it is. Oh, and we’ll nosh on exceptional tapas with locally-sourced ingredients, chat up the neighbors, and enjoy the homey atmosphere of the valley.

The “Conservation & Conversation” events are co-sponsored by the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance: Protect the North Fork project, and the Western Slope Conservation Center.  We seek to combine the casual opportunity of an after-work get-together with thoughtful and timely topics and actions. 

Our debut event featured guest speakers Sarah McCarthy from Conservation Colorado and Sara Loflin from LOGIC, the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans. They spoke about some recent successes, like the ballot measure in Broomfield that asserted that community’s intent to prioritize the health and safety of citizens over the wishes of industry, and covered some of the issues that are likely to come up during the next session of the Colorado State Legislature.

The evening began with music by Jeanine Renee. Pete Kolbenschlag speaking for the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance opened the program and introduced the speakers. Alex Johnson, with the Western Slope Conservation Center, closed the evening. Nearly 60 people attended. Future topics will include efforts to protect the regions’ public lands, county planning, and the 2018 Colorado State Legislature.


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