Industry: Colorado Singer-Songwriter Releases Music Video Depicting Small Town’s Fight to Stop Fracking in the “Jewel of Colorado”

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From News Release-

Release of new music video coincides with Trump administration push to expand oil and gas development in mountain valley

PAONIA, CO. (Oct. 29, 2018) –  Industry, by Gabrielle Louise, an award-winning Colorado singer/songwriter, tells the ongoing and true story of a small town in Colorado fighting the threat of oil and gas development. In process for almost a year, the public release of the song and accompanying music video coincides with a push by the Trump administration to expand fracking and oil and gas development across America’s public lands, including around Paonia Colorado, Louise’s hometown. 

With several hundred planned fracking sites and a massive seismic mapping project taking place all over the fragile ecosystem of the North Fork, citizens are deeply engaged and profoundly concerned. “They will be using explosives to do the testing,” said Louise, “around seven miles behind my house.”  

Industry was first written and performed at a benefit concert at the Paradise Theatre in Paonia, Colorado on Dec, 23rd, 2017. Gabrielle Louise has long used her songwriting to highlight important issues, including making and scoring a movie about water conservation, a song about the abandoned silver mines in Leadville which threaten the Arkansas River, and a deeply moving tribute for the #MeToo movement.

Gabrielle’s last CD, If the Static Clears, rose to number 6 on the National Music Chart for Contemporary Folk. Educated at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and then Berklee School of Music in Boston, she holds the Colorado landscape, mountains and rivers very dear. 

Colorado has been an inspiration for several of her songs, and Industry reflects her passion and commitment to the struggle to preserve and protect Paonia and the North Fork. The North Fork Valley in Delta County is the home of Solar Energy International and High Country News, with a long history of agriculture and ranching. The area has long been known as a haven for organic farmers, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. here are numerous, award-winning vineyards, orchards too plentiful to list, and is one of only two federally recognized wine regions in Colorado. Eco-tourism and quality of life have been fueling an economic turn-around that would be threatened by gas development.

However, the North Fork Valley’s future remains in jeopardy. As the video was in production, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that new oil and gas leases are being put up for auction in December.

When asked about the timing for the video, Louise said: “I wrote this song almost a year ago, but only just began the video production about 10 days ago. With the collaboration of Naropa Sabine, also a Paonia resident and veteran filmmaker, we were able to bring the vision to life very quickly. The process of giving voice to our community’s rage felt necessary, and, coincidentally as we were finishing the video, BLM announced that the North Fork parcels were remaining in the upcoming sale. Also in the same week, I discovered that a massive seismic mapping project was happening without permit on land quite near my home. Our community only found out about it because hunters reported it.”

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