Medford Mail Tribune: Pipeline foes: ‘We’re all in the same fight’

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Southern Oregon opponents of a proposed natural gas pipeline and export facility have joined forces with Colorado drilling opponents in their battle against the project.

“We’re all in the same fight,” said Colorado activist Pete Kolbenschlag, part of a contingent of local and Colorado residents touring areas that would be affected by the project.

Kolbenschlag said drilling in Colorado has impacted rural areas, including farms and vineyards, and is now encroaching on urban areas, bringing odors, noise, unsightly drilling infrastructure and environmental impacts.

The proposed 229-mile pipeline through southwest Oregon would tap into existing inland pipe networks, providing a path for Canadian and American natural gas to reach a proposed export terminal on the coast at Jordan Cove north of Coos Bay. The natural gas would be shipped overseas, primarily to Asia.

Building the pipeline and export terminal would increase demand for Colorado natural gas, triggering more drilling in that state, Kolbenschlag said.

He said Colorado and Oregon residents need to understand they all will be impacted.

“When we start to think how we’re connected, it gives us strength,” he said.

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