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April 4, 2021

Resiliency Planning and Action Workshop

April 12, 19 and 26

Keeping It Local for Food, Ag, and Health

Join us for an interactive workshop series that will explore how to build a resilient, strong and local economy that can withstand economic shocks. Learn how local businesses, farmers, and community organizations implemented the principles of a circular, resilient economy into their operations, and explore different tools and resources for immediate action. The strength of our community depends on our ability to create an economy that supports us all.

April 12: Part I:
= 6:00: Introduction
= 6:05: What is a circular economy? What are the elements of creating a strong resilient local economy? –Marissa Momaerts—Transitions USA
• Resources/Tools
= 6:45: Panel: Transitions in Motion
Changing the market: Delta Elevator—David and Michelle Livingston
Creating A Farm Food Hub Resource Center—Addie Cranson, Trading Post
The restaurant connection—Aimee Olson, Bill Franz–Blue Tractor Farm
• • Local, organic, healthy, renewable/regenerative (ecological stewardship) respectable wage/trade—Cost/affordability/local sourcing issues/ role of restaurant in the community
= 7:30: Discussion/Tools— What does NFV regenerative economy mean to you?

Recording of Part I

April 19th: Part II
= 6:00: Introduction
= 6:05: Serving Your Neighbors and Friends–Local Basics—Kim Shay, ACEGambles—
= 6:25: Panel: Building Local Resiliency
• Building a Local Grain Economy—Mountain Oven Bakery —Dana Whitcomb
• Cottage Food—Monica Wiitanen, Small Potatoes
= 6:50: Discussion/Tools: 15 Min
= 7:05: Panel: Building a Nutrient Dense/Quality/Healthy/ Food Local Food System
• Farm as Community Support System—Monica Wiitanen–
• Grass-Fed and Public Lands–Tony Prendergast
• Understanding Migrant Worker Contributions—Farm Labor-Tray Gallegos—President Migrant Rural
= 7:35: NFV Food Economy Dynamics: Why the NFV is Different/Similar/Special –What Our Future Holds—Mark Waltermire—
= 7:55: Discussion and Tools: How are Ag and Food connected to broader economy—

Recording of Part II

April 26: Part III
= 6:00: Introduction
= 6:05: Community Health Key Performance Indicators— Local, organic, healthy, renewable/regenerative (ecological stewardship) respectable wage/trade–
= 6:05: Feeding Community—Alicia Michelsen and Chrys Bailey, The Learning Council
= 6:25: Arts Open Space Connection—North Fork Valley Creative Coalition–Amy DeLuca
= 6:45: Panel: Local Hubs—Connecting Art, Ag, Health, Food –Panel—Where it All Comes Together
• Food Distribution—FarmRunners
• Farmers Markets —Caren von Gontard
• Local Wellness—Dr. Ryan Marlin
= 7:15: Panel: Community groups
• North Fork Senior Connections—Linda McCone
• Rotary—Pam Bliss and Randy Campbell
• Youth—Kids on Farms Ana Kampe–
= 7:45: Discussion: Creating the tapestry of NFV community health and social support—what else?

Recording of Part III