North Fork: Too Wild To Drill

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Colorado's North Fork Valley named as one of America's key areas of public lands that are "Too Wild To Drill."

Read the column in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel by a local hunting guide:

A few years ago, I was guiding for an outfitter around the Ragged Mountains in western Colorado; not that far from the Bull Mountain area where another new drilling plan was just recently in the news (Daily Sentinel, Oct. 5). It was archery season, and the first morning of my client's hunt.

Excited to get out in the predawn darkness to listen for early bugles from the elk, we were instead greeted with an eerie half-light illuminating the trees. Across the canyon was a new gas well flaring methane. We carried on with our hunt, but the flare's false first morning light made my jaw clench, sticking with me to this day. I don't think my hunter enjoyed it either. It stole some magic from what is a near sacred time: September in the mountains chasing bugles.

Check out the video by The Wilderness Society:


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